Past Events

2017 Conference

  • 6- 8 June 2017
  • High Leigh, Hoddesdon
  • Who do you say that I am? Images of Christ in the New Testament

At the heart of our journey of faith is our response to Jesus’ question ‘who do you say that I am?’. For those involved in catechesis and liturgy the responsibility is to be a witness to Jesus so that others may come to know him. In the New Testament the different authors witness to Jesus in variety of ways offering us a rich and multi-layered portrait. In this year’s RCIA Network Conference Ian Boxall (Catholic University of America) will lead us through the Gospels and other books of the New Testament to enrich our knowledge and understanding of Jesus, and also to develop skills in reading the scriptures.Sessions will include: Jesus the Teacher: Christ in Matthew | Jesus the Enigma: Christ in Mark | Jesus the Merciful Physician: Christ in Luke | Jesus the Mystic: Christ in John | Jesus the Divine Warrior: Christ in Revelation.

2015 Retreat

Disciples of Jesus: Journeying with MarkA Retreat for all involved in catechetical or liturgical ministry

We travel with Mark’’s Gospel through the Sundays of the Year. This retreat will be a time of spiritual nourishment and inspiration at the beginning of the year. You will have the opportunity to reflect on and pray with the Gospel in a number of ways. Sessions will be led by members of the RCIA Network who are experienced in a variety of parish ministries. It is intended for anyone involved in chaplaincy, catechetical or liturgical ministry including RCIA, First Communion, and Confirmation Catechists; Readers, Musicians, Leaders of Liturgy of the Word with Children.

  • Scripture & RCIA

2013 Conference

Faith: believed, celebrated, lived and prayed— Exploring the dynamics of faith in the Catechumenate with Paul Turner

  • Tuesday 2 – Thursday 4 July 2013
  • Sedgley Park Centre, Manchester
  • More details

In the Year of Faith we will be reflecting on how faith is passed on in the period of the Catechumenate. The Rite talks about 4 ways or dynamics: through an understanding of the faith in the teaching of the Church, in the celebration of the liturgy of the Church, in acts of witness and charity and in prayer. All four are expressions of faith and work together to deepen the catechumen’s knowledge and love of Christ who invites them into communion with him.

In the Conference we will explore these different dynamics and how they complement one another. Our main input will be from Fr Paul Turner, a priest of the diocese of Kansas City – St Joseph, US and is well known as an author and speaker on RCIA. His many books include The Catechumenate Answer Book and Celebrating Initiation, a Guide for Priests. He combines in-depth knowledge of the rite together with practical and pastoral experience.

The theme will be further explored through group work, workshops led by experienced practitioners from the RCIA Network, and prayer.

Conference follow up

Fr Paul Turner kindly agreed to share the Presentations he gave at the Conference. The files have been saved as PowerPoint files (PPT) and PDFs.

Main input

  1. Catechetical Plan PPT | PDF
  2. Catechesis PPT | PDF
  3. Way of Life PPT | PDF
  4. Liturgical Rites PPT | PDF
  5. Apostolic Life PPT | PDF


2012 Conference

Opening the doors of faith— Equipping the Team for the Period of Inquiry

  • Wednesday 4 – Friday 6 July 2012
  • High Leigh Conference centre, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire
  • More details

This is a time of no fixed duration or structure, for inquiry and introduction to Gospel values, an opportunity for the beginning of faith…

In previous year’€™s Conferences we have looked at the first period of the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults from the perspective of the role of the whole community. This year we will focus on the role of the RCIA team itself and consider the nature of the period, how do we respond the different needs of people who come and what models are there so that we can always have an open door. What good practice can we share? Experienced practitioners from the RCIA Network will lead the 2012 Conference and the theme will be explored through input sessions, group work, workshops drawing out the implications for other aspects of the RCIA and for catechesis, and liturgy.

Conference follow up

The following resources were used at the Conference and are offered as both an aide-memoire and as a resource.

2011 Study Days— Many the Gifts

The RCIA Network 2011 Study Days will be:

  • Saturday 18 June — West Wakefield Methodist Church, Wakefield
  • Saturday 25 June — Amigo Hall, St George’s Cathedral, Southwark

This year there will be 2 regional Study Days which will offer 6 workshops and participants will be able to take part in 3 across the day.

Led by experienced RCIA practitioners, the workshops will offer an opportunity to all involved or wishing to be involved in RCIA, or sacramental programmes, to update skills, learn of new ways of implementing RCIA and to share good practice and tips.


Choose any 3 Workshops

  1. RCIA Basic Introduction Being pragmatic, an overview of the basics of RCIA and how it might evolve in a real parish situation
  2. Using Scripture in RCIA: how faith is caught and taught. The RCIA is a great source of wisdom to help us communicate the Gospel to the seekers of today
  3. Liturgy as formative: liturgical catechesis. Growing in participation in the liturgy is one of the core aspects of RCIA. How do we form participants for liturgy and how can we use the liturgy as a source for formation.
  4. RCIA in deanery or pastoral areas. For some this is a present reality, for others a future challenge: what are the opportunities?
  5. CICCA. (Christian Initiation for Children of Catechetical Age) Exploring how we can follow the vision and Spirit of the rite in varying pastoral situations for children between the ages of 7 and 14.
  6. Group Leadership Skills. ‘Where two or three are gathered in my name’. Exploring the ways in which Christ can be effectively communicated in small-group catechesis with a focus on facilitation

2010 Conference — Bridging the Gap

The starting point for this year’s conference is the first period of RCIA: evangelisation and pre-catechumenate.

In the various circumstances of daily life, even as in the apostolate, all the followers of Christ have the obligation of spreading the faith according to their abilities.

2009 Study Days – One with Us

The RCIA Network 2009 Study Days will be:

  • Saturday 13 June
    • Christian Education Centre, Tooting Bec, London SW17 8BS
  • Tuesday 30 June
    • Newman Hall, Grange Court Road, Westbury on Trym, Bristol BS9 4DR

In the morning there will be input and reflection on the Role of the Assembly in RCIA. In the afternoon there is a choice of workshops on: Forming an RCIA Team and Receiving the Baptised. 

2008 Conference

Forming Threshold Companions

Conference follow up

  • Wednesday 2 – Friday 4 July
  • Sedgley Park, Manchester

2007 Study Days– Accompanying the Journey

This year there will be 3 regional study days for those involved in the RCIA. Following the success of the 3 study days in 2005 the Executive have decided to repeat the format this year.

The days give an opportunity for more members to come together than is possible at the residential conference. The format also allows us to follow up some of the strands raised by last year’s Conference — though it will not have been necessary to have been at the Conference as the days will be ‘stand-alone’ events. The theme this year will be Accompanying the Journey and will pick up some of the issues raised by the 2006 Discerning Communities Conference. In the afternoon there will be two workshops:

  • an opportunity to explore some of the ‘Ritual Moments’ of the RCIA or
  • to reflect on  ‘Why Some People Walk Away’ soon after their initiation.


  • Tooting Bec Saturday 30 June
  • York Thursday 5 July
  • Derby Wednesday 11 July

Conference 2006 – Discernment in the RCIA

A spiritual journey of adults that varies to the many forms of God’s grace, the free co-operation of the individuals, the action of the Church and the circumstances of time and place.[RCIA 5] speakers: Philip Sheldrake & Susie Hayward.

Date:5– 8 September 2006
Venue:Digby Stuart CollegeRoehampton University Roehampton Lane London SW15 5PU