First Encounters

You are interested in the Catholic Church. You may be interested in becoming a Catholic. You may be ready to take a first step. On these pages you will find some ideas that might help you begin.

Different people approach the stirrings of faith, or a new interest, in different ways. Some like to know more about the Church before they make first contact; others will want an idea of what might be involved. It may be that you approached a local church and were informed that the group does not start for a while and would like to do something while you wait.

You may have a friend you can approach or you interested in learning more about Jesus or finding out how Catholics use Scripture (readings from the Bible) to pray. You may like to spend some quiet time in Prayer at home or in your local church. You would be welcome at your local Church on Sunday when Mass is celebrated. Often when we become interested in something we begin to notice references to it in the News— you might like to also find out what the Church is saying about a variety of issues.

Have a look around. Find the next step that suits you. You might like to try more than one…