This list of resources was prepared by group looking at RCIC (see report in November 2005 Newsletter) but it provides a broad overview of material. If you would like to recommend a book for inclusion contact the Webmaster.


Sacrosanctum Concilium(Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy), 1963General Catechetical DirectoryCongregation for the Clergy, 1971Catechesi Tradendae (Catechesis in Our Time) John Paul II, 1979Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, 1988General Directory for CatechesisCongregation for the Clergy, 1997The General Directory for Catechesis in Plain EnglishBill Huebsch, Twenty Third Publications, 2001On the ThresholdBishops’ Conference Working Party on Sacramental Initiation, 2000The Priority of Adult Formation,Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England & Wales, 2000

General Books Catechesis, Sacraments, Lectionary-Based Catechesis

The Book of Sacramental BasicsTad Guzie, Paulist Press, 1981Our Faith Story: It’s Telling and It’s SharingA. Patrick Purnell, Collins, 1985Guidelines!Jim Gallagher, Collins, 1986All Is GiftLynn Walker, Collins, 1987Breaking Open the Word of God:Resources for Using the Lectionary for Catechesis in the RCIAed. K.H. Powell & J.P. Sinwell, Paulist Press, 1987Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults: Study EditionLiturgy Training Publications, 1988The Sacraments of InitiationLiam G. Walsh, Chapman, 1988Sharing the GiftPaddy Rylands, Collins, 1989Stages of FaithJames W. Fowler, Harper, 1995The Catechetical Documents: A Parish ResourceLiturgy Training Publications, 1996How to Understand the SacramentsP. Beguerie & C. Duchesneau, SCM Press, 1997Sacraments RevisitedLiam Kelly, DLT, 1998Catechesis RevisitedLiam Kelly, DLT, 2000Soil for the SeedJim Gallagher, McCrimmons, 2001Whole Community Catechesis in Plain EnglishBill Huebsch, Twenty-Third Publications, 2002Practical CatechesisJudith Dunlap, St Anthony Messenger Press, 2001When you are a CatechistJudith Dunlap, St Anthony Messenger PressPrayers for CatechistsLiturgy Training PublicationsA Prayerbook for CatechistsGwen Costello, TwentyThird PublicationsIn Touch with the Word: Lectionary-based Prayer ReflectionsLisa-Marie Calderone-Stewart, St. Mary’s Press, 1998The Mystery We ProclaimFrancis D. Kelly, Our Sunday Visitor, 1993Educating for LifeTom Groome

Books Christian Initiation of Children

Issues in the Christian Initiation of Children: Catechesis & LiturgyK. Brown & F.C. Sokol, LTP, 1989Lectionary-based Catechesis for ChildrenSylvia deVillers, Paulist Press, 1994The Christian Initiation of Children: Hope for the FutureRobert Duggan & Maureen Kelly, Paulist Press, 1991Readings in the Christian Initiation of Childrened. Victoria Tufano, Liturgy Training Publications, 1994The RCIA: Transforming the Church: A Resource for Pastoral ImplementationT.H. Morris, Paulist Press, 1997Children & Christian InitiationKathy Coffey, Living the Good News Inc. 1998A Child’s Journey: The Christian Initiation of ChildrenRita Burns Senseman, St. Anthony Messenger Press, 1998Christian Initiation of Older ChildrenSandra Figgess, St Paul’s, 1995The Church Speaks about Sacraments with ChildrenMark Searle (ed.) LTP, 1990Children’s Catechumenate: A Catechists GuidePhilip McBrien, Resource PublicationChildren’s Catechumenate(Catechist Manual & 3 level workbooks)Thomas Long & Emily Filippi, Brown-Roa