Julie’s Story

It was the process of coming along to Mass and witnessing something special and feeling I wanted to be part of it. My husband and children were Catholics. When the children went to school – the people felt really nice and genuine & I felt these people have something special and that was a draw.I got married in Catholic Church, and I read the newsletter, and ever September I saw the notice about are you interested in learning more about the Catholic Church. So one year I decided I would go along. It was in the upstairs room. There were only 8 of us and I was the only non catholic. So I left it for a year. When the next year came round, I went along and there was a group of non Catholics.I had issues, resistance – I put up a barrier over fears – bells & smells. I wanted to enquire without feeling pushed, and I felt I was allowed to do that.I enjoyed meeting weekly. I enjoyed the continuity of it. A week was long enough to chew things over. What did it feel like to be welcomed as an enquirer? It was awesome. It felt like I’d come home. It was like I found a place that was there for me, but I hadn’t known it was there. It just felt primal. It was a good ritual. For me I was already part of the community. A way of acknowledging I’d made that step; it was for everybody there to witness that I was making the journey.