Mary’s Story

I would say I was an atheist for as long as I can remember!I have been married to Brian for 5 yrs now, and he’s a Catholic. I have been coming to church with him most Sundays, out of curiosity really.When Tim, our baby was born, Brian wanted to get him baptised, so I attended the Baptism Preparation sessions for parents, and found myself beginning to question ‘ faith’ for myself. I realised something was happening, which I couldn’t explain! I had a chat with the priest on my own, and he invited me to come along to the ‘Journey in Faith’, no pressure, and just see how I found it. I was very nervous about that first evening, but I recognised the people in the group from the Sunday Mass, and they made me very welcome. In fact most of them didn’t realise I wasn’t a Catholic! They let me just sit and get used to the group first, and made it easy for me to ask questions too – anything I wanted to ask about God and prayer, and what the Church is.A few weeks ago, I took my first ‘step’ towards becoming a Catholic. It was called The Rite of Acceptance – and I found this a very moving experience, one Sunday morning at the Family Mass, with Brian and Tim, and I felt really supported by the whole parish community. It really felt right – like finding my way to where I should be!