The Shape of the Rite — Stage 2

Second period & stage

Second Period — Period of the Catechumenate

This period might be described as an ‘apprenticeship’ in becoming a Catholic in all its aspects. You will get to know what the Church believes but also begin to understand how these beliefs are celebrated in Mass and prayer of the Church. What’s more these beliefs, if they are to be integrated into our lives, have implications as to how we live our lives. This is a time when you get to know the local community more. It is also when you will become aware that your life is changing, and for the better.

Second Stage — Rite of Election

This celebration brings together people who are seeking to be members of the Church from parishes across the region. It happens at the beginning of Lent (February–March) and marks the beginning in the ‘final countdown’. Before this stage is celebrated you will have reflected with members of the parish team about your readiness for baptism and so this rite is formal recognition of this.

Stage 3