The Shape of the Rite

To become a Catholic can take some time. It is a journey of faith and like any journey the route is marked by various stages.

In RCIA these stages, which might be thought of as turning points, are marked by services in the church. They are signs of a growing and deepening relationship. Between these turning points are ‘periods’ — time to get know Jesus and the Church and appreciate that what we believe affects how we live our lives.

There is no overall timetable, though baptism (christening) usually takes place at Easter (in the spring). WIth that as a signpost you can take as long as you need. It is also possible to decide it is not for you.

The language of the rite is not jargon-free! Though we have used the official terms below don’t worry if you do not fully understand all of them, can remember many of them or even say some of them. In the Questions section there is a Glossary.

As already said the journey is marked by periods and stages — learn about the First Period & Stage …